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The constant changing technology is leading to an ever

The constant changing technology is leading to an ever changing market with people of constantly changing demands and to meet these demand the engineers must be aware of the latest trend that come in daily and to lead in such a competitive world one must be a good manager, a leader and a technocrat to the core as it’s his main domain of an engineer at Shivalik the faculty and the curriculum is solely designed for this purpose so that the students of Shivalik can lead an as string individual

‘Intelligent Engineering’ is more than a buzzword that shall soon sweep the way businesses are done and simultaneously change how ‘Engineering’ is taught in classrooms.

Thus, there is a need to go beyond conventional engineering; there is a need to go a degree higher with Engineering Plus.

Engineering is one of the most coveted and lucrative professions and will continue to remain so in the years to come due to the constantly changing trends in the industry which are directly affected by the increase and decrease of friends in the market.

Engineering firms and their courses are highly dignified across the globe because of the role of the engineers as technocrats and inventors, business tycoons, revenue generators and officers, etc and they will continuously be positioned as the builders of a smart, connected, and constantly developing world.

As governments and the private sector work towards infrastructure upgrades and smart-city megaprojects, a skilled and driven workforce will always be required in the shape of engineers to build, technicians to handle any faulty issues, managers to help manage the associations in a better manner, marketing strategists to develop an efficient market for the products developed and finally leaders who lead the company or an organization to glory

On the brink of Industrial Revolution 4.0, engineering combined with technology is set to change the way we live as the demands and standards of the consumers are growing every moment.

Changes that we can expect in academia, given the uncertain times that we are living in today?

 A lot of time is saved in terms of traveling to workplaces, getting ready for the office, and other such activities due to modern inventions. This time must be utilized to enhance one’s skill set so that the individual can make the most out of it and help himself with a good fortune and the world with an invention that might revolutionize it.

For some people, it becomes even more important to pick up one skill and upgrade it as most of the people are not aware of what their strengths and weaknesses are actually, in Shivalik the students are constantly made to take up an aptitude test so that they can realize where there actual strengths and interests lie so that their weaknesses can be improved and strengths can be analyzed and their skill set sharpened.

Their existence in the industry is questionable only if they refuse to learn the new advancements and technology that make the operation of machinery and mechanisms change.

If one can use the time in hand to improvise one’s skill set, one remains relevant to the firm and the industry as a whole and can outshine others quite easily in any field and this is the sole belief of Shivalik to help its students to build such skill sets that can help them in their corporate life

Shivalik has its unique curriculum of teaching its students in a more fun and interactive manner, flipped classrooms, blended learning and online learning may have taken years to penetrate the education sectors but Shivalik has been using the latest technology and experienced faculty to help make the best engineers out of the fresh students it takes in. 

What is it that an ever-evolving industry would require from a student aspiring to be a part of it?

Even though it is important to know about the promising industry’s latest trends and techniques along with understanding its technology, the basic question a student must ask himself/herself is: Why should a firm hire me?

The defining factor that makes all the difference is the skill set one possesses, additional skills must be acquired while graduation, and here at Shivalik that’s exactly what we do we help and make students focus on their skill sets and other areas of their interests. Communication, for instance, is integral to all the streams of study, and English now being a universal language of communication being used in all the sectors and parts of society an individual needs to learn to represent himself anywhere. Lastly, an industry-relevant project must be picked up by the student to gain relevance and understanding and for that Shivalik has its students take up regular tasks to keep their mind trained and ready for any sudden task that they might be assigned to in the corporate world at Shivalik the students are also offered internships both paid and certified by renowned organizations that help them have a practical and live learning experience.

Communication is the most important skill in any industry – how an individual ma presents his ideas to convinces others or to make effective presentations he or she must have a strong communication skill with a confident personality and that is something that takes time to build and at Shivalik our Training and Placement cell works individually on every student personally from their very first year of graduation so that when he or she comes into their final year they can confidently present their points, views and ideas on a topic as a confident individual.


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