Student Clubs

In order to boost the creativity of the students we have come up with the idea of different clubs of which every student can be a part of. The clubs are managed by the professionals who have worked for a remarkable span of time in the industry. You can be a part of a Photography, Dance, Poetry or a Drama Club. When it comes to creativity and extra-curricular activities, we make sure that the students get the best of the best.

1) Cultural Club

The objective of this club is to hone the extra-curricular skills of students in the area of Music, Dramatics and developing managerial prowess contributing towards their overall personality.

Faculty Supervisor- Mrs Shabnam Ara

2)Fine Art & Craft Club (Nexus)

Nexus club will groom the students through the medium of art. This vibrant club will have a tradition of mentoring the youngsters through workshops on Sketching, Painting, Photography, Calligraphy and Photoshop.

Faculty Supervisor- Dr Saba Sabir

3)Fitness and Adventure Club

A forum for adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, climbers and armchair mountaineers in the student community. It will work to develop the spirit of fitness and adventure in Students. While the stock activities will be trekking, rock climbing and mountain cycling, the adventure club will organize skiing and river rafting sporadically.

Faculty Supervisor- Dr. Abhishek Kumar Jha

4)Girl – Up- Shivalik

A special initiatives for girls, The club will look after the issues pertaining to girls upliftment/women empowerment in particular. Nodal teachers of this club will help in providing overall guidance to the girls on various aspects of activity implementation and also collect quarterly reports, assess them, and send it to the head of the institution. The club will also conduct training programs so as to motivate, influence, and communicate with different stakeholders.

Faculty Supervisor- Ms. Himanshi Rathaur

5)Health Club

This Club aims to encourage and promote the adoption of professional standards, ethical practice and conduct in the provision of Health and Fitness services. This platform will be used to promote the widespread participation of students, staff and faculty to national initiatives regarding Health and Fitness under the aegis of Fit India Campaign.

Faculty Supervisor- Mr. Rohit Kumar Trivedi

6)Literary Club (Litcore)

The primary objective of Literary Club is to inculcate among students a keen sense of language and appreciation for myriad literary expressions, forms and genres.

Faculty Supervisor- Ms. Vaishali Koul

7)Kalam Club

The aim is to provide education to underprivileged children, who are living in slums or roads and are begging on the streets. Kalam aims to generate employment amongst the family members of those underprivileged kids, who are not able to peruse their education because of their monetary circumstances which are making them beg on the streets.

Faculty Supervisor- Mr. Anurag Nagar

8)Sports Club

The aim is to provide overall development through sports and encourage various sports among students of higher education.

Faculty Supervisor- Mr. Manish Bhatt

9)TEDx Club

TEDx SHIVALIK aims at bringing the best of orators and speakers to the institute platform under the TED initiative.

Faculty Supervisor- Mr. Mithun Rajak

10)Coding Club

The club will ensure coding skill development among students in a multidisciplinary domain. Making students skilful at competitive levels.

Faculty Supervisor- Mr. Sartaz Khan

11)Social Media Club

The club ensures development of student’s skills on social media, that will encourage the brands at national and international level.

Faculty Supervisor- Mr. Ajay Bahuguna

12)Photography and Cinematography Club

This Club aims to hone the photograph and cinematography skills of the students, and to cover all events Digital Marketing of the Shivalik College. This club organized activities like expert session, field trips and regular competition, etc to enhance the skills.

Faculty Supervisor- Mr. Pankaj Kirthwan

13)Shivalik Model United Nations (SMUN)

Model United Nations, also known as model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation of the UN General Assembly and other multilateral bodies in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. In Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues on the organization’s agenda.

Faculty Supervisor- Dr. Amrita Singh



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