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Solar Energy 

Solar energy is produced by the sun’s light – photovoltaic energy offers many benefits that make it one of the most promising energy i. Renewable, ii. Inexhaustible, iii. Non- polluting, iv. Avoids global warming, v. Reduces use of fossil fuels, vi. Reduces energy imports, vii. Contributes to sustainable development. 

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India has been promoting the aim to develop and deploy New and Renewable energy for supplementing the energy requirement of the country. 

  • The rooftop solar PV power plant of capacity 500 KW had been installed on the rooftops of various buildings.

Purchase Order and Payment  Receipts

Solar Plate installed on the roof top of each building

Solar plate installed in the roof top of each building connected to single box

2. Solar Water Heater 

SCE have installed solar water heaters at all hostels  for students on hostel rooftops.

 Solar water heaters installed in the campus

Invoice of Solar Water Heater installed at Hostel Campus

Other Initiatives-

Solar Cart for Campus

Dr. Kuldeep Panwar (Associate Professor, Mechanical Engg.) and Students of MED have developed a Solar Powered Cart/ Vehicle for small range travel/transport within the campus. A patent has been filed by Dr. Kuldeep to patent this technology (Patent Details: “Solar Powered Cart” IPO (Indian Patent) with Application Number TEMP/E-1/54944/2019- dated 14/12/2019)

Solar Powered Cart made by Dr. Kuldeep and Students of ME Department

Solar Powered Cart made by faculty and Students of ME Department