Recognized under UGC Section (2f) of the UGC Act 1956

Mr. Sunil Kumar Chairman


Shivalik College was established with an aim to promote holistic education and a cultural upliftment from all perspectives to fulfill the founding vision and the mission that we have set for ourselves.

We have accomplished remarkable results with our academic standards of excellence, holistic development of students, consolidated with a strong sense of discipline. Our bounden obligation is to provide the best academic experience to our students which comes from our conviction that education is the key to the world’s problems and advancement.

You, our dear students, are going to walk over this bridge called college education, which will be the defining years in your lives. It’s entirely dependent upon you to make the fullest use of these years to ensure that the end of your journey with us is the start of a rewarding phase of your life full of satisfaction, joy and success.

As the Chairman of the organization, I expect the collaboration and participation of my faculty, management and the students and even their parents, to transform the envisioned success of the promising youngsters into reality. I guarantee to provide my total assistance to whoever requires it to fulfill our Vision.