Recognized under UGC Section (2f) of the UGC Act 1956


Composition of the Committee is as under:-

Presiding Officer – Head of ICC (a woman Faculty member employed at a senior Level not below an Associate Professor in case of an Institution) at the Educational Institution, nominated by the Executive Authority

Presiding Officer –        Sr. Faculty female

Member No. 1    –         One faculty female as counsellor

Member No. 2    –         Second faculty female

Member No. 3    –         Non-Teaching employees

Member No. 4     –         Male Faculty

Member No. 5    –           Second faculty male

Member No 6    –         Student 1 (any branch)

Member No 7   –         Student 2 (any branch)

Member No 8   –         Student 2 (any branch)

Member No. 9   –            Member from amongst Non-government Organisation or Associations committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with the issues relating to sexual harassment, nominated by the Executive Authority


Presiding Officer Dr. Saba Sabir 9897007292
Member No. 1 Ms.Shabnam Ara (Faculty) 9927687222
Member No. 2 Ms.Gunjan Bhatia (Faculty) 9838587878
Member No. 3 Ms. Anuradha Sharma (warden) 9027186361
Member No. 4 Mr.Kuldeep Godiyal(Faculty) 753505559
Member No. 5 Dr. Ashutosh Bhatt (Faculty) 7895533079
Member No. 6 Mr.Baijnath (External Member) 9411114434
Member No 7 Vaishali Tiwari Student
Member No 8 Shohit Panwar Student
Member No 9 Siddhart Pal Student


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