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The Aim of the Management

The aim and vision of an institute is the one that describes the way it works and operates and the type of output it will provide and eventually its contribution to the making of a better society for tomorrow. Action speaks louder than words. What we do is more significant, substantial, and important than what we say. Whatever we do, it pretentiously reflects our attitude and temperament. This has been an important projection of Shivalik, on which every member of the institute firmly believes. Transformation of intellect and talent into objectivity has been the institute’s aim since its very inception and its delivery is something that the management and faculty strive for and inculcates the students to take part in it very actively and in a sportive manner and it is also the demand of the present era.

Theoretical knowledge with the fusion of Practical output is pervasively welcomed in today’s professional arena and Shivalik is professionally qualified in doing so and it is also a testimonial to the same in working parallel to the industry’s requirement. Our perpetual success and impactful recognition throughout the engineering colleges of the era is remarkable as a productive outcome of such a materialistic approach. Shivalik is equipped with qualified faculties up to the mark in every parameter, focused academics, emphasized practical and industrial orientation together with an ambitious attitude to learn and grow certainly provides a concrete fundamental framework of excellent academics being provided by the Institute for the well being and an overall development of their students who can one day step into the industry a mild it according to their needs and desire with their skills and intelligence and also open new doors of opportunities for the customer satisfaction and meet their needs and interests in time.

Shivalik believes it to be its duty and responsibility to comprehend technical soft skills and knowledge in its students to make them world-class technocrats and managers and that is truly the strong foundation of this visionary institute. Shivalik feels to put in more and more effort when its students show interest in particular fields and so the Shivalik team performs at its best. In today’s result-oriented and professional epoch when every one of us is intensely busy proving our persona, nevertheless, it becomes vital for us to be more dignified and more perspective in our thoughts and vision. Our perception gives birth to any thought which in turn is the mere cause of our vision. Shivalik feels very proud and honored to portray such a strong vision of the institute which provides the utmost and exemplary prodigal platform that helps students in their overall personality development by facilitating purposeful and dynamic education to students. By which every student could thus be transformed into a competent professional possessing the acquired acumen and outlook to lead a successful career in the industry or any other field that I was chosen by the individual

Our excellent placement strategies by the combined efforts of our students and the faculty of the department of training and placement have achieved us with yet another milestone that has certainly brought laurels and applause to our institute. Our teaching mechanism is simply to inculcate the innovative thought process of the students within their conscience by which they develop a habit to think out of the box and thereby take rational decisions in both favorable or adverse situations. We genuinely feel honored when we can visualize such commendable projections and with combined efforts accomplish them.

Welcome Teaching, Welcome Learning.

It is undoubtedly a meticulous initiative taken by Shivalik to make the institute more approachable and the quality of education increase beyond the expectation of any aspirant who wishes to make a career in the industry and start with an experienced institute like Shivalik that’s both promising and meaningful. The Institute portrays the tableau of various endeavors and educative projections in the purview of imparting excellent academics and concrete professional skills to the students that enroll themselves in different courses. It is a matter of pride and honor for the entire Shivalik family to accomplish its outstanding achievements with a glorious journey and its current heading to paramount heights and success in the coming years. Whereas imparting quality and purposeful education to the students has always been the prime objective of the Institution, at the same time encouraging the initiative and involvement of every student towards creativity is also one of the major objectives of the Institution as it sharpens the potentials of the students to a greater extent.

Excellent placements to the students accompanied by lucrative salary packages and the inevitable mechanism of discipline are undoubtedly the strong pillars of the success of Shivalik. The foundation theme of Shivalik speaks about Hard work and Dedication. This simply is the reason to have trust in hard work that showers sprinkles of achievements and success on the students enrolled in this prestigious institute. Shivalik witnesses the same fire of success in the temperament and enthusiasm of our students that is expected from a promising candidate. We at Shivalik have always believed in “learning by doing’’ after all even Newton didn’t discover gravity sitting at home and reading books. The institute believes in preaching discipline since it acts as the guiding force for any student to attain his ultimate goal in life. Our team extends its support to the students through industrial and technical updates helping them become qualified human resources for the industry.

We produce engineers that work towards the development of society as both technocrats and managers and as a whole. With the advancement of technology, almost every stream requires an engineer, and Shivalik has taken this initiative to serve society by providing scholarly engineers who contribute to its betterment. “Consistently excellent results and good placements are reasons for getting the flow of very good students from every corner of the country. We consider it as an acknowledgment of our continuous efforts towards providing quality education to our students.”