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Shivalik : A Game Changer

Being distinct from the crowd through quality education and industry-ready skills has been the core philosophy of Shivalik. Shivalik has been a game-changer since it was founded. Its vision and mission make it an ideal choice for an engineering aspirant with different curriculums that make it different from other engineering colleges. The world is changing at an unprecedented pace today, thanks to the unseen challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Industries are redefining their modus operandi; offices are shutting down or becoming partially operational; homes are getting designed to incorporate the work-from-home culture and its demands; manufacturing is now engineering new ways to take into account all the health advisories the novel coronavirus has brought with it.

In such circumstances, staying abreast of the paradigm shifts in any industry is paramount. Skipping even a tiny detail could lead to a significant loss – both productivity and financially. The role of engineers has both changed and is still somewhat the same. It has expanded to incorporate other traditional roles and functions like designing, operational management, and even accounting-like resources. Having a strong industry connection and becoming prepared for this new change has never been felt so strongly than today. Thanks to its proactive approach, the Shivalik college of engineering has been championing industry alliances for all its students, since the pre-covid times and hence, today is one of the leading colleges for engineering in the country with ties to top tier corporations around the world.

Shivalik has established unique partnerships and collaborations beyond the usual academic-industry alliances to offer a distinct advantage to students. The curriculum is co-designed that the methods are jointly identified and incorporated to improve the existing curriculum, co-developed and new and advanced modules are added to it every semester, co-deliberation of the subject matter and at Shivalik, we have experts from the industry that partners us in doing so, the deliver industry-ready modules are also used for the students.

The patch-up of the college with private firms helps over 2,000 enrolled students in benefitting from its exposure to and application of the most in-demand skills as well as emerging tech like AI, IoT, Blockchain, amongst others. They are also preparing to be specialists in sectors that are evolving and opening newer career prospects like Oil and Gas, Retail, Healthcare, and Insurance. Additionally, the unique partnership will assist students in acquiring specialized skills in Open Source Software and Open Standards, with live industry-relevant projects under the guidance of experts from the firms. Our collaboration with other industries and interdisciplinary domains helps our students get the best technical and life experience in the industry. The collaboration has resulted in the setting up of an Artificial Intelligence lab and a Robotics Lab at Shivalik that gives students access to the content of the Intelligent Cloud Hub (ICH) program.

Students learn advanced programs in IoT, AI and ML, Web Development, and Data Sciences in their high-tech labs. We have experienced faculty who put in the best of their selves to get first-hand knowledge on the technologies that are defining the future. Upon successful completion, they receive branded certifications. Furthermore, Shivalik faculty also train and upskill themselves through faculty programs set up by Microsoft experts, making this collaboration suitable equally for students and faculty. Likewise, Shivalik has entered into an exclusive partnership to introduce a Workforce Development Program(WDP). The program hones skills particular to Oracle tools to cultivate the next set of skilled Oracle associates in various in-demand fields, including Big Data, Oracle Database, IoT, and Oracle Financials. Branded certificates are also provided to students, upon successful program completion, to boost their chances of getting coveted job offers.

Shivalik has been committed to making India a self-reliant nation through its collaboration with different ideas and innovations and also its collaborations with MNC’s. The collaboration encompasses programs that help students learn the modernization of the industry and keeps them updated on the latest arising trends while providing a range of specializations like Infrastructure Development, Process Design, among others. A similar nation-oriented agreement was established with other tech firms which makes Shivalik an ideal choice for an engineering aspirant. Advancing the ‘Skill India Mission, Shivalik has jointly designed and delivered the curriculum for B.Tech Engineering with a specialization in its labs, with subject matter experts adding theoretical knowledge paramount in building a strong foundation coupled with industry visits and projects.

Being distinct from the crowd through quality education and industry-ready skills has been the core philosophy of Shivalik since its inception. Even during the pandemic, students were able to interact with industry pioneers through online masterclasses and webinars. Thanks to its academic collaboration the students were upscaling themselves not just in their respective domains but also in areas of their interest through specialized online courses and webinars. Shivalik also institutionalized industry projects to help students gain hands-on experience. Shivalik stands committed to cultivating industry-ready, next-generation leaders for all disciplines of Engineering. Through its adept administration, swift decision-making, and technology-driven approach, it continues to churn leaders and will continue to do so.


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