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Antenna as a Specialisation

Shivalik as an institute of professional and academic excellence has always seen a rise in its work areas and other areas it has focused its time, strength, and students on. since its inception in the year, 2008 Shivalik has achieved different milestones after the other in the fields of academic achievements and specializations in its professional courses which it offers to its students in various fields that the students opt for and can gain the maximum benefit from.

these extra specializations programs are mainly focused on helping the students the game-changing technologies that are arising in different sectors of the world and how can they learn about them as these are the next big pullers of the industry and are areas where the students can use their interests and knowledge and earn a name and living for themselves. The field of antennas has a vast family and limitless applications both in the private and Defence sector. Its use in the commercial sector and in the Defence sector is unmatchable in today’s world by any other in its domain and so the study of the antenna and its development and improvement has now become the need of the hour and its specializations have never been so essential and needful for its users.

An Antenna is used for a signal propagating and receiving through different means for communication purposes. Different types of antennas are used for different areas, different mediums, different terrains, and so on. The use of antennas in our day-to-day lives is increasing with every passing day its daily household application and uses and commercial and industrial uses make it an essential in the fields of communication and its Military applications and use just make it even more vital for the development and maintenance and also its use for national security purposes.

An antenna has different aspects its gain, resonant factors, frequency, bandwidth, radiation pattern, efficiency, field regions, polarisation, impedance matching, etc., all these factors make the antenna a specialization subject at Shivalik College Dehradun.

There are many different types of antenna when it comes to radios systems with different specialized properties for different purposes. The Antenna can be classified in different ways. The most common type of antenna is the Yagi-Uda Antenna with an HF, VHF, and UHF frequencies which were used for cable connections before the era of set-top boxes came into play and now has been updated, thanks to the specialization courses offered it now been updated and is used in different places.

Then there is this one Array Antenna widely used as a single compound antenna called an array antenna, they have identical driven elements. these antennas radiate a beam perpendicular to the antenna plane. There are a lot of different antennas like phased wire antennas, aperture antennas, lens antennas, etc., and all are widely used for many purposes and different fields for different purposes, but all of these fall into one mainstream of communication of signals.

Shivalik has been approved by the AICTE and is recognized by the Uttarakhand Government for providing quality education to its students who come from different walks of life, here we also have students from different countries who have come here for education through the government foreign exchange program and earn a shot a life by studying with one of the best colleges affiliated under the Veer Madho Singh Bhandari Uttarakhand Technical University and become a successful individual.


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