Recognized under UGC Section (2f) of the UGC Act 1956


GRC was established in the college in accordance with AICTE notification No.PG/07/ (01)/2012 & Establishment of Mechanism for Grievance Redressal for the purpose of addressing the issues of Students, Parents, and Others. 

Shivalik College of Engineering always Endeavour’s to provide quality education and the best student support to its learners. 

The college ensures to offer a smooth journey to the students of SCE through student support services. The student support services keep students abreast of new initiatives launched by the College. Students get updates of their course progress at regular intervals and are motivated to complete the course. This continuous communication helps the student to become an integral part of the college.



Preamble:  This Student Grievance Procedure (“Procedure”) provides a mechanism for students to resolve grievances internally without recourse to legal procedures. It should be recognized that the majority of grievances should be resolved as near to their source as possible. It is for this reason that the Procedure provides for a number of stages, both informal and formal in the handling of a grievance. The purpose of the Procedure is to ensure that grievances are resolved amicably in so far as possible and to the mutual satisfaction of both complainant and respondent. It is expected that the majority of grievances will be resolved at the informal stage. 



To act as a smooth interface between the students and the institution for seamless communication and faster resolution of queries student facilitation centre has been established. 



Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) with the following composition, namely:

  1. Principal of the College- Chairperson;
  2. Three senior members of the teaching faculty to be nominated by the Principal as Members and out of three one member shall be female and other from SC/ST/OBC category; 
  3. A representative from among students of the College to be nominated by the Principal based on academic merit/excellence in sports/performance in co-curricular activities- Special Invitee. Name Role Designation
1 Dr. Prof.(Dr.)Prahalad Singh Chairperson Director
2 Ms.Dr. U.C.Gupta Member Professor(Proctor SCE)
3 Ms.Mr. Surmadhur Pant Member Assistant professor 

(Dean Student Welfare)

4 Mr. Sartaj Khan Member Assistant professor 


5 Mr.Ms. Ritu Kumari Member Student (CSE 4th year)


  • To engage with students, document their queries and take it up with concerned department for timely resolution 
  • To engage with departments for student related issues and take it up with students for timely resolution
  • To communicate the status of inquiry to the respective parties
  • To ensure timely resolution of open queries and requests from both student and management 
  • To track the status of all fulfilled, in-process, pending issues in real time 
  • To conduct student and management satisfaction surveys, document them and analyze them for continuous improvement in service delivery 
  • To put up any issue irresolvable or delayed beyond a stipulated time, before the DSW for resolution General 
  • The Institute will endeavour to ensure that grievances are treated seriously and constructively at all stages of the Procedure. It will also seek to ensure that grievances are dealt with fairly and consistently and in accordance with the principles of natural justice.
  • All staff and students of the Institute are required to fully and promptly co-operate with this procedure.
  • If a grievance is upheld, appropriate remedial action will be implemented. If a grievance is not upheld, the reason(s) for the decision will be communicated to the complainant and respondent.
  • The Institute will seek to ensure that student grievances are addressed promptly within specified timescales outlined in this procedure. If a timescale for addressing a grievance is not achievable at any stage in the procedure, then the complainant and respondent shall be notified in writing and provided with an explanation for any delay. 
  • Privacy and confidentiality will be respected both for complainants and respondents. However, it may be necessary to disclose information to others in order to deal with the grievance and in these circumstances the parties concerned will be informed of such disclosure. 
  • No student who brings a grievance in good faith under this Procedure, whether it is upheld or not, shall be treated less favourably by the Institute or any member of staff than as if the grievance had been upheld. Where a student feels that he/she has been victimized for availing of this Procedure, a further grievance may be made under this Procedure in relation to that matter to the next authority of the Management.



  • While students are encouraged to avail of this Procedure and will be provided with all necessary support, it should only be invoked in the case of legitimate grievances. 
  • Making a complaint concerning a grievance which is found to be vexatious, malicious or mischievous may be considered a breach of this Procedure which may be subject to further action under the Student Disciplinary Procedure. For the avoidance of doubt, a complaint that is not upheld is not necessarily vexatious, malicious or mischievous. It is generally only in exceptional cases where there is evidence that the student(s) knowingly or recklessly made a complaint relating to illegitimate grievances that such further action will be considered by the Institute.
  • The Institute shall endeavour to ensure that the reputations and professional integrity of members of staff are protected in so far as possible from unsubstantiated complaints

Stages For Redressal Of Students’ Grievances

 The process involves three steps:

 Stage 1- Informal Grievance Procedure

Stage 2- Formal Grievance Procedure

Stage 3- Grievance Review Procedure