Recognized under UGC Section (2f) of the UGC Act 1956


Duration 3 years

Eligibility Criteria 10+2 with minimum 45% Marks (40% in case of Reserved category) in Physics, Mathematics along with Chemistry/Biotechnology/Computer Science as one of the subjects.

 What is AI and ML?


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is like teaching a computer to think, learn, and reason like us humans. it’s the brainpower behind stuff like siri and alexa. Artificial intelligence is doing wonders already  like understanding  words, recognize faces . google assistant is one of the example.


ML (Machine Learning)

ML is like a branch of artificial intelligence. It’s  aboutgiving instruction to computers to learn from data and make forecasting.  Do you know recommended movies on Netflix or streamers who know what you like? Yes, this is machine learning in action. This is what enables automated vehicles.

Why choose BCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Choosing a BCA in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning means heading towards countless career options in our fast paced technological world. It’s not just about coding; You will learn many skills such as mathematics and data analysis. Additionally, you will dealt with  real-world problems and gain practical experience. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is always changing, so you will be at the cutting edge of technology and your investment will be highly profitable. The best part? You can work in any profession  you want. It’s not just a degree its you chance to flourish your future and enjoy a successful career. So why should you choose it? Because this is your ticket to the world of time!


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not just about academic success. It’s about jumping into an endless world. Building the future is about solving big problems and leaving your mark. BCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can take you on this adventure.


When you start this journey, remember that it won’t be easy, but the reward is great. Stay curious, hungry for knowledge learn more, and embrace the magic of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Your future is out there, waiting for you to seize it. So why artificial intelligence and machine learning? It’s not only the job it’s more than that. This is your chance  to change in  the technological world.

Jobs with BCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

– Data Scientist:

You can go deep into a lot of data and discover hidden gems. Your uncovering can help professionals to make smart choices and to make correct choices as a result itmake their customers happier. This is not a trend its happening currently.


– Machine Learning Engineer:

If you want to make smart machines, this is your job. You will develop blueprint or Algorithm that allow computers to learn and perform better over a period of time.


– Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist:

In-depth research on artificial intelligence. Fix impossible issues, invent new stuff, and strain your machine to the maximum. Innovating at the technological boundary is crucial.


– Natural Language Processing (NLP) Expert:

If you love language and communication, this is for you. You can work on things like translators, or even figure out what people are thinking by what they type online.


– Robotics Engineer:

If you are professional and creative, then that’s great. Robots that can carry out a range of jobs, including performing surgery or giving medical service, will be created by you.

– Artificial Intelligence Ethics Advisor:

There is the ability to play a good role with artificial intelligence. Make sure that AI is used correctly and does not cause problems. It’s like becoming a digital superheroes.

Why  to  Choose BCA AIML Course from Shivalik College.


  • Shivalik College Dehradun is one of the finest colleges in Dehradun for studying BCA AIML. Keeping with mind the ever-evolving requirements of technological advancement.
  • The College offers a well-rounded academic curriculum that includes the fundamental principles and theories.
  • Educational professionals are well-trained and highly competent professionals with extensive experience.
  • Teachers Teaches students the necessary technical abilities for web design, networking, and multimedia technologies, as well as the full life cycle of software development and maintenance. Because of the high level of learning at Shivalik College Dehradun.
  • The college’s infrastructure is advanced, and we will be outfitted with cutting-edge technology…
  • A computer lab with advanced facilities is offered.
  • Teachers of Shivalik College Dehradun are experienced and highly educated individuals with extensive expertise.
  • Shivalik College Dehradun offers excellent education.

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