The use of digital technologies in education has been widely advocated and institutions such as the Shivalik strongly encourage the adoption of information technology in teaching and learning about these technologies and having an insight on them from an early age will be vital in working with the same in future because it is the need of the hour. These technologies are most commonly employed by students, who use digital technologies for both academic learning and entertainment, these are technologies that are primarily developed for digital literacy skills outside formal education that can be used easily with unfamiliar technologies.

Shivalik has well adopted the term Digital Natives to refer to students who have grown up in the realm of digital technologies and are fluent in them and helps them understand it better and use it for their own personal growth and the very same of the digital world and the market as well, Shivalik not only helps the students learn more about it but he students who are unaware of the technology and know less about it are also helped and are brought to the level where they can have a healthy competition with their batchmates and all of them together can grow.

Those who have not grown up in this environment and who may adopt these technologies are made to exercise their skills and shape them up so that they can use their technical skills for their and everyone’s good. Intergenerational differences in the perceived usefulness and importance of digital technologies are minimal at Shivalik because the healthy environment of the campus lets every student grow and learn from each other, with an attitude that enables them to be humble and hungry at the same time, hungry to learn more and also having the idea to compete to improve healthily. The main purpose of this Technical Skill development at Shivalik is to acquire an understanding of the significance of digital technology that has gained prominence all over the world. In the present existence, the implementation of a number of tasks and functions in the field of education, business, management, administration, and so forth require digital technology and the correct and individual to use it efficiently.

The main purpose of digital technology is to enable individuals to work in collaboration towards the achievement of common goals and objectives, enhancement of employee productivity, employee satisfaction, and employee retention, and improvement of skills, abilities, and expertise amongst the human resources, all these skills that are considered extremely important in a company for an employee to have and cope up with are taught to the students Shivalik by the Department Of Training and Placement from their very first year and are made to practice it by group exercises so that they can improve over it with time. Communication is one of the areas of utmost significance and digital technology enables individuals to get involved in effective communication that is also inculcated in the Shivalik Curriculum for the students to learn ways of effective communication using good body language and the use of small body gestures that make a difference.

The main areas that have been highlighted in this at Shivalik are the digital workplace classes and its management, digital technology in education, digital technology in management, benefits of digital technology, types of digital technology, and measures to use digital technology safely and responsibly and whatnot, the students at Shivalik are given a very healthy and competitive environment where they can learn new things and also learn how to improve and use their skills and knowledge and use them for good. As one of the leaders in the education sector, Shivalik believes in the transformative power of digital solutions and therefore invests heavily in research and innovation to lead the change and helps its students to the best of its capacity to help them and enable them to change and evolve to the best of what there is and also make them realize their strong points and help them with their weak ones.
It spends significantly in both teaching students about new technologies and security research areas and making improvements on their pre-learned technologies. Shivalik has the best faculty members with over 15 years of experience that help the students understand and learn about how the digital market works and about its functioning the problems that may arise and also the mindset and tactical skills that they may need to deal with those problems and this is done with utmost patience and care so that every student can understand and grow interest in it. Among its offerings, the Shivalik College Dehradun has expanded its footprint across the world their dedicated efforts at its Innovation Labs in the campus and the projects that are made here and that are worked on have brought life to their years of everlasting efforts and how there were setbacks and failures at first but the dedication and the will to succeed made them come this far.


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