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Women’s Grievance Cell is constituted in Shivalik college of engineering to prevent any type of sexual harassment against girls and also to promote the general well‐being of female students, teaching, non‐teaching, and staff of the college as per the guidelines issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in a landmark judgment in August 1997.

Processing of Complaints

To provide adequate relief to the complainant and ensure suitable redressal of her grievances. The complaints are acted upon in the following manner :

Investigations by the discipline committee are expedited and monitored until the guilty is found and is then sentenced a following hearing by the discipline committee and is given an opportunity to prove his or her innocence and then the judgment is passed by the committee with the vote of the majority of the members seated in the committee. Family disputes are resolved or compromised through counseling or with the Internal Girls Committee which comprises the warden, chief warden, and other senior girls of the hotel hearing before the matter is passed on to the discipline committee for further action upon the matter.

For serious complaints, the college constitutes a Discipline Committee that makes, spots, enquires, examines various witnesses, collects evidence, and submits the report with recommendations to the committee. Such investigations help in providing immediate relief and justice to the victims of violence and atrocities. The implementation of the report is monitored by the college directors and other HOD’s of the respective departments. There is also a provision for having experts or lawyers on these committees if their advice is required.

In case of any complaints that arise and are related to sexual harassment of women anywhere on the college campus, the concerned departments are urged to constitute a Discipline Committee(DC) as per the mandatory provisions of Sexual Harassment of Women. The Commission regularly monitors and takes up these complaints and ensures the smooth going lives of girl students at the college campus of Shivalik making it one of the best Engineering colleges in Dehradun.
Analysis of Complaints:-

The complaints are analyzed to understand and resolve the issue in a neutral manner without favoring the victim or the accused of the same.


To prevent sexual harassment and to promote the general well‐being of female students/employees of the Institute.

To provide a healthy and safe environment in the Institute for the female students.


Any female who wants to file a complaint can do so by online application to the Chairperson of Women’s Grievance Cell. The link for the online application is available on the website of the college. In case of any Sexual harassment, the complainant shall include the specific nature of the incident, date and the place of the incident, name of all parties involved as well as a detailed report of all pertinent facts to avoid any missing of the facts and also to pass a judgment to punish the guilty and also to set an example.

Any student who feels that she has been harassed is strongly urged to immediately bring the subject to the attention of a member Women’s Grievance Cell so that the following actions can be taken without any delay. The Inquiries or complaints are investigated as quickly as possible to avoid any delay in the matter. Any investigation that is conducted will be completely private and will also be thorough.

Administrative action in the event of Women’s Grievance Cell at Shivalik college of engineering Dehradun: 

Depending on the nature and gravity of the guilt established by the Women’s Grievance Cell and the inquiry held by the Discipline Committee, punishments will be imposed accordingly. The Women’s Grievance Cell stays alert and active to prevent any sexual abuse towards the students and female workers of the college. If the students face any harassment on the campus, they can complain about the same to the Women’s Grievance Cell. After the incident is reported the members of the Discipline Committee look into the issue, gather the evidence, and take necessary action against the guilty and also take appropriate measures to prevent any such activities from happening in the future.

Director / Deans / HODs also assist regularly in attending to these problems. The cell maintains the records of the grievances, actions recommended and taken, and the settlement of the grievances. The Discipline Committee is headed by The Vice-Chairman and A senior Faculty of the college, The Dean of the College of Engineering, The Dean Student Welfare, The Director and The Chief Proctor, and other members who form the core group of the committee, The Dean of the respective department of the accused, and the victim, The Chief Warden (GIRLS), the Warden (GIRLS), The accused and the victim.

Each department has at least one faculty member representative, as part of the larger body of Women’s Grievance Cell. Complaints can be made, in writing, to the Director/ Convenor or any of the other members in the complaint box placed at strategic locations in the hostel or the campus or the one outside the Women’s Grievance Cell Office. Any grievance found reported is scrutinized, and necessary actions are immediately taken up by the cell. In case of an emergency, The Director sets up a Committee, and the problem is attended to immediately. The cell has resolved all difficulties amicably ever since it was set up in the year 2014.


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