Recognized under UGC Section (2f) of the UGC Act 1956

Amrit Singh Theti

Shivalik does not only prepare people for their job, but more critically, it prepares them for their journey of life. Joining the college helps me to grow in various ways. It taught me to become resourceful people in the community and how can I manage to compete fairly for the limited resources in the economy.

I entered the college in hope to gain opportunity that will help me become an open-minded and out of the box thinker as I progress in the walk of life and SHIVALIK helped me to excel in all the fields.

When I look back and think about the college I wanted to focus on three beniefits, to broaden my knowledge, to find a job, and seek true success. And I was able to reach all of these goals with a good college education, excellent staff which SHIVALIK provided.

Company: Mercer | Mettl
Designation: Senior Technology Consultant
Package: 12.5 Lac

Previous worked companies: CISCO & DELL