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Reasons to Study BSc Agriculture

Agriculture is considered one of the oldest professions. Humankind has been practicing agriculture in various forms since the stone age. But unfortunately, it has been seen as an underrated profession by many in this present day. A degree in agriculture opens up many opportunities in your career paths and equips you with great knowledge to solve many burning problems of 21st-century agricultural practices and enables you to face both technological and ethical in doing so, isn’t that challenging?, Shivalik college is one of the best agricultural colleges in Dehradun, which offers a four-year BSc program. The carefully designed curriculum consists of top-notch classroom training along with extensive fieldwork, making Shivalik one of the best agricultural colleges in Dehradun. Here are some reasons why you should study BSc Agriculture.

Every time high in demand factor

Agriculture remains one of the biggest contributors to the Indian economy. Despite the potential, not many students opt to study agriculture. As a result, there aren’t enough candidates to meet the needs of the industry. Now is the right time to study agriculture and take advantage of the present job situation, and the job opportunities due to th scarcity of such degree holders in the field that salary packages are just the best there is.

The low Course Fee

One significant burden to the students is the cost of tuition. Students are often burdened with the enormous amounts of bank loans taken to get a degree. Compared to other science courses, the cost to complete a BSc Agriculture degree is relatively less. This decreases the financial burden on the students and their families.

Enormous job Opportunities

There are a lot of job opportunities for BSc Agriculture graduates in both the public and private sectors. In the government sector, there are a lot of options in banks, government laboratories, Food Corporation of India (FCI), NABARD, National Dairy Development Board, etc. Private-sector job opportunities include positions in various agro-industries, agricultural marketing, fertilizer, and biotech organizations and not to mention the jobs and opportunities one has if they wish to do Research and pursue a Master’s in the field, there pay lifestyle and status in the field is generally unmatched and the overseas growth in the field and opportunities that come by to work with international organizations like the WHO is just too big of an opportunity to pass by.

Potential Overseas Opportunities and exciting places to work 

Given the economic and climate situation in the world, It’s a challenge to meet the food needs of the growing human population. There are a lot of developing countries with programs aimed at increasing agricultural standards. They are always looking for experts in the field to join the work and work in unimaginable high-tech labs and projects that can revolutionize the food industry forever. The opportunities may include the making of serum to preserve the seeds of a long-lost life-saving plant or a naturally extinct herb to cure cancer, etc. so the projects to work on are pretty exciting and challenging.

Diverse fields to choose and work on

Agriculture is a vast and diverse subject. Students completing their BSc in agriculture can build their careers in agricultural technology, plant genetics, horticulture, animal husbandry, dairy, and fisheries, and get not only the chance to work in India but also abroad.

Scope for Higher Education aborad

Students completing their BSc in Agriculture can pursue post-graduation in the specialization of their choice can complete their masters from foreign countries where they offer a wide range of subjects to choose from ad also multiple machinery and facilities to research on while you study and if your project is good for the environment or can revolutionize the industry you will be funded and your project will be continuously monitored by the best scientists and the best brainy chaps in the industry, also you will be paid for your research work alongside your studies. Seeking a post-graduate degree helps achieve advanced skills in the respective fields, thus making the student an ideal candidate for many jobs.

Research and Development

A BSc in Agriculture degree can be your first step towards a research career where you can do research and study more about the subject and topic you would like to. Students can pursue their Ph.D. or appear for the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) examination to secure research positions in Agriculture. Masters degree holders can attempt National Eligibility Test (NET) to secure a junior research fellowship or an assistant professorship.

Agripreneurship the new upcoming trend in the field

Agricultural entrepreneurs are called Agripreneurs. Agripreneurs use holistic methods to achieve a sustainable, direct marketed, and community-oriented agriculture. As an Agripreneur, you can create opportunities for the rural populations. There are a lot of business areas for Agripreneurs like honey agribusiness, landscaping, nurseries, mushroom cultivation, olericulture (vegetable cultivation), and floriculture. A BSc agriculture degree helps attain the necessary skills and knowledge to make a career in agriculture and related businesses. Shivalik college is the top BSc agriculture college in Dehradun, offering the best in the class degree to develop necessary expertise in agricultural science, crop science, and animal production. Our curriculum includes exposure to the contemporary and advanced agricultural practices making Shivalik college the top choice for BSc agriculture college in Dehradun.


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