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Is Pursuing a Degree in Agriculture Worth It?

Pursuing a degree from an agriculture college in Uttarakhand after the 12th grade is an excellent way to begin a career in agriculture. However, it is important to understand that agriculture studies after the 12th grade do not imply traditional farming. With the advancement of technology and science, it has taken on a more sophisticated and advanced shape. If you choose an agriculture course, you will learn and read about modern crop growing and promotion strategies.

This course offers numerous sub-streams from which to choose while taking a course. Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Soil Science, Entomology, Crop Production, and other subjects will be covered. If you know how to apply your skills, the stream will provide you with unlimited opportunities, making you successful.

History of Agriculture

Agriculture dates back a thousand years when edible wild grains were harvested and eaten. Back then, the man had the unique capacity to detect edible plants and began to cultivate them. Since then, agriculture has evolved to encompass the most recent techniques and methods of growing various crop kinds in the twenty-first century.

This particular style of comprehending farming systems is known as &quot, Agriculture Science." It is a broad field that includes horticulture, farm management, business, and companies involved in the purchase and processing of agricultural machinery and farm goods. Banking activities, research to improve the quality and quantity of farm products, and so on are also included.

Here’s why pursuing agriculture is totally worth it:

1. Helps Make a Difference

Over the next 35 years, the world’s population will nearly double to 9.6 billion, making agriculture more important than ever. We must collaborate to boost agricultural productivity by 70%, ensuring that agricultural jobs will be valuable for many years to come.

With the mounting threat of climate change, the agriculture industry must make significant changes to secure our planet’s future. There is a bigger need than ever for ambitious, imaginative individuals who want to be a part of the solution. By pursuing a degree from the best college for a BSc in agriculture, you may help to solve the worldwide situation and make a significant difference.

2. Growing Industry

The agriculture industry is expanding at an incredible rate, and as it rises, so does the demand for qualified personnel. The job market is booming, providing a unique chance for college graduates to find work rapidly, pursue several areas of knowledge to find the specialty that best suits them, and eventually grows their careers faster than they would in other industries.

3. Ever-Increasing Demand

According to a USDA survey conducted in 2018, the average age of the workforce for all agricultural vocations is roughly 40 years old. Every year, the workforce becomes younger in comparison to 2012, when the average age was 55.9 years old. This surge of young labor could not have occurred at a more opportune time. The industry requires younger heirs to usher it into a new era!

At various stages of schooling at the top agriculture college in Uttarakhand, young brains with new ideas, insights, and problem-solving skills are welcomed with open arms. When you select a career in agriculture, you are becoming part of the next generation of what is probably the most important industry in the world.

4. Agriculture Courses Offered

As previously stated, the best colleges for BSc Agriculture instruct students in various aspects of farming using scientific methods. To increase agricultural output, the system employs concepts from science, technology, chemistry, and biology. Agriculture courses beyond 12th science are available in

India in the following formats:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Courses
  • Diploma Courses
  • Certificate Courses
  • Master’s Degree courses
  • PG Certificate Courses
  • Ph.D./ doctorate level courses

A career in agriculture is not difficult to find. The possibilities are endless! However, with so many job options available, it can be difficult to know where to begin. As a result, working with a team of professional farm recruiters is the ideal approach to locating the right agriculture position for your ability and ambitions. We need to feed and clothe almost 7 billion people worldwide, and that number is growing by the day, therefore agriculture is critical.

Whatever your interests are, you can find a place in the agriculture industry, and every position is crucial in taking care of one another.


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