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IoT at Shivalik College Of Engineering.

A great transformation can be observed in our daily routine life along with the increasing involvement of IoT devices and technology. One such development of IoT is the concept of Smart Home Systems (SHS) and appliances that consist of internet-based devices, automation systems for homes, and reliable energy management systems. Besides, another important achievement of IoT is the Smart Health Sensing system (SHSS) considering all these changes that are arising in the market and the fast adaptation of people to these technologies and their wide applications and the results they provide plus given their cot efficiency this It has seen massive growth in a few years and their progress at a geometric rate is also taken into account. hence the Shivalik college of engineering Dehradun has made IoT a part of its curriculum for the engineering discipline of all branches and has made continuous efforts to bring in the best faculty who have both hands-on and theoretical experience and knowledge who can guide the young minds in the right direction in helping them understand this technology and also enable them the vision of making a world where IoT has limitless applications and everything happens on a dime.

Private firms and companies wrong with many government and Defence organizations have now adopted IoT for a number of reasons incorporating small intelligent equipment and devices to support the health of human beings. These devices can be used both indoors and outdoors to check and monitor the different health issues and fitness levels or the number of calories burned in the fitness center etc. Also, it is being used to monitor critical health conditions in hospitals and trauma centers as well. Hence, it has changed the entire scenario of the medical domain by facilitating it with high technology and smart devices. Moreover, IoT developers and researchers have been actively involved to uplift the lifestyle of the disabled and senior age group people. IoT has shown a drastic performance in this area and has provided a new direction for the normal life of such people. As these devices and equipment are very cost-effective in terms of development cost and easily available within a normal price range, hence most people are availing of them. IoT has made a lot of daily tasks for people quite simple and their experience when shared among other groups encourages them as well to use IoT-based devices which are bringing drastic growth in the market.

Another important aspect of our life is transportation. IoT has brought up some new advancements to make it more efficient, comfortable, and reliable. Intelligent sensors and drone devices are now controlling the traffic at different signalized intersections across major cities across the globe now helping to manage thousands of vehicles per day and lessening the workload of the traffic department of many countries. In addition, vehicles are being launched in markets with pre-installed sensing devices that are able to sense the upcoming heavy traffic congestions on the map and may suggest you another route with low traffic congestion. These sensors are quite advanced and can detect sudden changes in traffic and yet is compatible and advanced enough to change the route course of any vehicle in the case of an emergency. Therefore IoT has a lot to serve in various aspects of life and technology. We may conclude that IoT has a lot of scopes both in terms of technology enhancement and facilitating humankind and also enabling humans to use other resources more efficiently in the future and also in a lot of other things as well. IoT has also shown its importance and potential in the economic and industrial growth of a developing region. Also, in the trade and stock exchange market, it is being considered a revolutionary step. However, the security of data and information is an important concern and highly desirable, which is a major challenging issue to deal with.

The Internet is the largest source of security threats and cyber-attacks have opened various doors for hackers to spread chaos and do whatever they desire in this network of countless connections and look for information on almost anything and so the data and information are very much insecure in this fragile n=world of internet. However, IoT is committed to providing the best possible solutions to deal with security issues of data and information. Hence, the most important concern of IoT in trade and the economy is security. Therefore, the development of a secure path for collaboration between social networks and privacy concerns is a hot topic in IoT, and  IoT developers are working hard on this. Most of the daily life applications that we normally see are already smart but they are unable to communicate with each other and enabling them to communicate with each other and share useful information among a wireless network to increase the reliability and connectivity and productivity with each other will create a wide range of innovative applications and better outputs. These emerging applications with some autonomous capabilities would certainly improve the quality of our lives and that of the ether things we use in our daily lives.

Shivalik has now made it one of the finest beliefs to make its students the best in the field in such game-changing technologies as IoT and has enabled the students through seminars and webinars that are addressed by renowned industrial names in the field who provide the students with an insight into the technology and its growth and how it can be made career and the other options of how to learn and earn through it. IoT makes everything and person locatable and addressable which will make our lives much easier than it was previously before, however, without a lack of confidence about the security and privacy of the user’s data, it’s more unlikely to be adopted by many. So for its ubiquitous adoption, IoT must have a strong security infrastructure against the threats like Unauthorized Access to RFID, Sensor-Nodes Security Breach,  Cloud Computing Abuse, etc in order to make it so secure and reliable its working and programming should be really good so the best in the field are chosen to develop it and Shivalik helps each and every one of its students learn the necessities to achieve those skill sets that are required by any good engineer to work on such technologies.


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