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Awareness Program on “National Cancer Awareness Day 2023”

On November 7, 2023, the Health Club of Shivalik College hosted an Awareness Program to observe “National Cancer Awareness Day 2023.” The event was organized with the aim of educating the students of Shivalik College about cancer, its prevention, early detection, and treatment.

The audience, comprising students from various departments of Shivalik College, gathered to participate in this informative event. The program featured presentations led by the student members of the Health Club, showcasing their commitment to spreading awareness about this critical health issue.

These student presentations covered a wide range of topics related to cancer. They included discussions on the various types of cancer, their causes, and the importance of lifestyle choices in cancer prevention. The presenters also highlighted the significance of early detection in successful treatment and the latest advancements in cancer research and therapies.

An interactive Q&A session followed the presentations, where students engaged actively, asking questions and sharing their thoughts. This interaction fostered a deeper understanding and created an environment of open dialogue about cancer-related topics.

In addition to the presentations, the event also featured informational booths where students could pick up literature on cancer awareness and prevention. These resources provided valuable take-home information that extended the impact of the event beyond the day itself.

The Awareness Program on National Cancer Awareness Day at Shivalik College was a significant step in raising consciousness among the youth about this global health issue. It successfully created a platform for learning and discussion, highlighting the role educational institutions can play in health promotion and disease prevention. The active participation of the students and the informative content of the presentations marked the event as a noteworthy success in the Health Club’s calendar.