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D.Pharm VS B.Pharm? – Which is the better Pharmacy Career Option?

A career in Pharmacy has gained much traction over the last few years due to Covid-19 the world has now recognized the rue need and the value of the Medical industry and hence the medical industry is at its peak in over 7000 plus years of its existence. The frequent outbreak of different viruses since th year 2019 has now made the world a very volatile place to live and so the need o the hour is new and better machinery that is efficient enough to carry out different medical examinations better and faster and in more quantity and also better doctors and pharmaceuticals companies and pharmacists and many more the industry to help the humankind survive any other forthcoming wave of viruses for which we are not prepared and neither are aware of.

Pharmaceutical science is a broad field with its scope and applications in medical, drug, research, and education fields and also not to mention the more diversification these fields have and the other research aspects of the fields for all together with the very Pharmaceutical Sciences as a whole for research on any part which can bring good to humankind in the short or the long run from the findings that may arise after the research is concluded. With the increasing scope of pharmacy in India, the requirement for pharmacy graduates has increased exponentially, especially after the spread of Covid-19 and the outbreak of other viruses that have been notified to the government panel responsible for such viral outbreaks and their containment. To pursue a career in the Pharmaceutical industry, there are three major Pharmacy courses offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in India. The undergraduate level has two options for students – Bachelor of Pharmacy – B.Pharm and Diploma in Pharmacy – D.Pharm. While at the postgraduate level there is a Master in Pharmacy M.Pharm.

The pharmacy course has been one of the oldest careers for many years in the Medical profession. Pharmacy is all about medical science with chemistry and researching new compositions of medicines and cures to different new diseases and viruses. Pharmaceutical science has wide scope in production, discovery, disposal, effective use, control, and safe use of drugs and medications. Every year thousands of students get admission to pharmacy courses to join and learn and then earn well in the profession because this profession has never seen any dip since its inception and it never will since humankind is mortals and falling ill is one of the main traits of so and hence it is factual that they need a medical expert to cure them and so the profession lives on. The Pharmacy courses are generally offered at three major levels that are The undergraduate, The postgraduate, and the A Diploma. The Bachelor of Pharmacy – B.Pharm at the undergraduate level, The M.Pharm at the postgraduate level, and Diploma of Pharmacy D.Pharm at the Diploma level. Other B Pharm and D Pharm course details can be found on the official website of Shivalik College –


Bachelor of Pharmacy is the study of human anatomy, pharmaceutics, biochemistry, herbal drug technology, etc. students who have an interest in how medical drugs affect human bodies can take pharmacy as a career and research in the field and earn a name for themselves. A Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate academic degree of 4 years. It consists of 6-8 semesters with the study of theory and practical subjects. Students become pharmacists after completing a Bachelor of Pharmacy. The basic eligibility for B.Pharm is 10+2 in the science stream.

A Bachelor of Pharmacy provides useful knowledge of healthcare and biochemical science. During the study, students have to practice various experiments and practicals. After completing graduation in Pharmacy students can practice as pharmacists. The Bachelor of Pharmacy course has a wide scope and is going to increase in the coming years because of the growing population and other factors of ill health of people like pollution and more. There is a high demand for healthcare professionals who can prepare drugs and medication to beat several diseases.


Diploma in Pharmacy D.Pharm is a short-term course for students who want to attempt pharmacy jobs and the pharmaceutical business. D.Pharm course is for those students who want to practice pharmaceutical activities in a short term. The diploma in Pharmacy duration is of 2 years. Usually, a Diploma in Pharmacy course is opted by the students to understand the basic knowledge of pharmacy and go for higher studies in the pharmacy field. The minimum qualification is students must have completed 10+2. A diploma in Pharmacy covers basic topics of pharmacy like toxicology, pharmacology, biochemistry, etc. Students also learn about the chemical salts and their use and application in drugs and medicine. A diploma in Pharmacy acts as a gateway to go for further higher studies in the field of Pharmacy. The D.Pharm course is perfect for students who just want to have a basic knowledge of pharmacy. A diploma in Pharmacy holds good value in the industry of pharmaceutical.


To understand the basic difference between B. Pharm and D.Pharm, we need to first understand what each of these pharmacy courses requires and involves being a professional course. B.Pharm and D.Pharm both are different courses, students are frequently confused between these two courses.

Other B Pharm and D Pharm course details can be found on the official website of Shivalik College –

Career Options

Bachelor of Pharmacy and Diploma in Pharmacy both have the same career opportunities. However, importance is given to Bachelor of Pharmacy then Diploma in Pharmacy. Check out the career option after completing B.Pharm and D.Pharm down below:

B Pharm course has posts like Drug inspector, Food inspector, Pharma consultant, Public testing lab, Pharmaceutical firms, Faculty in a pharmacy college, Pursue M.Pharm, Researcher, Analyst, Pharmacist, Government/ Defence sector

D Pharm has career options like Pharmacist, Drug inspector, Work at a pharmacy store, Drug manufacturing company, Work in the education sector, Pursue higher studies, B.pharm, Drug inspector or pharmacist in the government sector, Medicine retail shop.

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