Recognized under UGC Section (2f) of the UGC Act 1956

BBA in Information Technology Certification

Duration 3 years

Eligibility Criteria Students should have completed 10+2 from any stream with minimum 50% Marks.

BBA in Information Technology

  • BBA in Information Technology is an acronym that stands for Bachelors of Business Administration Information Technology. It is an undergraduate course degree that many people pursue in order to work efficiently in the field of business administration with a focus on information technology.
  • This course combines a study of management principles with a study of information technology. It prepares students for careers in MNC technology departments and many other major corporations where technology is extensively used to support hired personnel.
  • Today, the majority of business owners are heavily reliant on technological resources, and various markets have been transformed and transitioned into full-fledged online mode.
  • As a result, the need to manage efficient businesses through information technology has become a useful source of study discipline and has been incorporated into many business administration curriculums as an acknowledged sub branch of today’s business scenario.
  •  BBA in Information Technology course curriculum is centered on the most important technology-related needs of businesses.
  • BBA in Information Technology focuses on computer science, database management, and networking. Information technology encompasses information management theory as well as related technology applications.

Why take this Course?

The BBA in Information Technology program is becoming increasingly popular among today’s students. Some of the reasons why this course is becoming more popular and why anyone should study it are listed below.

  • BBA in information technology can result in new Professional designations that provide exciting monetary bonuses and rewards. These new professionals provide exposure and experience, as well as a larger base of expansion and knowledge.
  • The combination of business management skills and dynamic information technology can result in efficient sales and profit-making capabilities.
  • BBA in information technology graduates can work in a variety of professions such as network security experts, web designers, and information systems officers, which can provide them with a good living.
  • As many businesses and organizations cater to the needs of the world and goods distribution has become global, the need to accommodate new technology as a dependable source has led to the rise of the information technology sector; thus, understanding the structure and functioning of information technology in today’s world is extremely important.

Why choose Us?

  • BBA in Information Technology enables aspirants to enter the field of computer application, where businesses can complete their sales online without any hindrances or delays.
  • This includes techniques and methodologies necessary for the online operation of a business, such as data maintenance, ensuring online bank services for payment, and the sale and purchase of goods and commodities without jeopardizing their quality and authenticity.
  • BBA in Information Technology graduates have a wide range of options because there are many potential well-established firms and organizations eager to hire personnel skilled in current information technology trends.
  • Throughout the course, students gain a solid understanding of how to apply technology-based solutions to business problems.

Progressions & Career

Progression –

There are numerous employment opportunities available for students after a BBA in Information Technology:

  • BBA in information technology graduates can work in a variety of professions such as network security experts, web designers, and information systems officers, which can provide them with a good living.
  • Graduates of this discipline are frequently employed by commercial behemoths such as Amazon, Accenture, Flipkart, and Snapdeal, which provide their employees with regular incentives and benefits, as well as flexible working hours and vacation time.
  • Because businesses all over the world have been using online platforms to promote their organizations and products, job opportunities in this discipline will always be available and profitable.

Careers –

Candidates who have successfully completed a BBA in Information Technology can get various jobs such as the following:

  • Information Security Coordinator
  • Enterprise Information Officer
  • Information Architect
  • Graphic Designer
  • Hardware and Network Expert
  • Information Technologist
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Web Designer
  • Application Programmer
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Computer Information Specialist

The Shivalik Advantage

  • The focus is on improving communication skills for presentations, documentation, report writing, and manual preparation.
  • Service management, entrepreneurship, financial services, KPO/BPO, and other related professions offer career opportunities.
  • Students will gain a global perspective and the ability to identify aspects of global business operations.
  • In accordance with current corporate trends, the curriculum is subject to relevant modifications and constant updates.
  • Our career-oriented courses and well-qualified faculty members round out the college’s distinguishing features.

Top Recruiters


To be admitted to this course, a candidate must have an intermediate degree (10+2) with a minimum grade point average of 50%. Certain universities, however, offer entrance-based admission, so candidates should check their respective college’s website to stay up to date on any new admission changes.

Many global and Indian companies are always looking for freshers who want to start a career in this field and provide training in the early stages. Companies such as Mahindra Tech, Oracle Financial Services, Polaris, Amazon, Accenture, and Samsung, among others, provide good-paying jobs.

BBA in information technology is a thriving industry that necessitates dedication and commitment to work long term and earn recognition. With its global reach and digitally packed transactions to secure a better client base with stable growth and profitability, information technology has become revolutionary. As a result, a BBA in Information Technology degree has enormous scope and a promising and solid future.

A candidate can earn recognition and incentive by working as a network analyst, information technology systems manager, website developer, or applications manager in addition to their regular salary.


101 Business Organization & Management
102 Computer Application in Business
103 Business Economics
104 Business Accounting
105 Business Environment
106 Business Communication (Written and Verbal English, Emails)

201 Environmental Science and Business Sustainability
202 Research Methodology
203 Business Statistics
204 Business Law
205 Data Structures
206 Personality Development and Professional Communication Skills (Report Writing, Public Speaking, Negotiation skills, Body Language)

301 Organizational Behaviour
302 Consumer Behaviour
303 Company Law
304 Logistics & Supply Chain Management
305 Operating Systems
306 MS Excel, MS word and Power point

401 Entrepreneurship
402 Strategic Management
403 Management Information Systems
404 International Business
405 Infrastructure and Hardware
406 Foreign Languages

501 Networks
502 Database Management Systems
503 Project Work
504 Digital Wellbeing and Cyber Security

501 Design and Analysis
502 Machine Learning
503 Project Work
504 Leadership and Decision Science


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