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5 Reasons Why BBA Provides the Best Start for Your Management Career

For students who have just completed 10+2 years of formal education, deciding what course to join next can be a difficult task. Lack of proper guidance and the pressure to make a decision can be exhausting to the student. But a little push in the right direction can be rewarding to the student’s career with high returns. The college and outside world is full of so many courses and promising job opportunities that it has to offer to an individual that a student with just a 10+2 qualification may easily get convinced by them. But deciding the right future and the right course is the foundation for oneself to a bright future with the loss of opportunities to become better than themselves.

For students who want to establish a business of their own or continue that of their family further in life or want to be entrepreneur choosing the course of BBA is the best option they can opt for, and choosing a college where they have the right guidance for their future selves and the right knowledge and the people who can mentor them for their future roles will be just the help they need and also can appreciate.

At Shivalik institute of professional studies the students not only learn about the problems and tactics and the mindset they need for a business but also they are nurtured throughout their program so that they can be role models to others in their field in the future so that they can be confident about themselves and lead a team into a project or also be a good team player when and if required. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year undergraduate degree program that helps students develop the necessary business and management skills to secure a job in the competitive market. Getting a degree from the best BBA colleges in India opens up a lot of opportunities. Here are five reasons why BBA provides the best start for your management career.

It most certainly gives An Early Start To Your Career

As a student who has enrolled his-or-herself into the 3 year BBA program will get more advantage of the course and its role in the industry as to what is required of them and then with that understanding and the knowledge they become more sound to play their part in the industry or any company. Compared to the other professional courses, which generally take four years, a BBA degree makes you job-ready in just three years. Early exposure to management and administrative skills helps you pave the way to a successful career in management. Not only does that make you more ready to meet the industry’s requirements, but it also helps as a base if you want to pursue MBA. Not to mention that the course fee for BBA is relatively less when compared to the other professional degrees.

Industry-Oriented Course Design helps a lot

A BBA degree provides the necessary exposure to the student to develop the required administrative skills such as basic management, team building, business communication, business strategy, accounting, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship development. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the student will be able to get an insider perspective of the industry through internships and workshops.

Opportunities for growth are enormous

Graduates from the best BBA colleges in India are in high demand for various management positions in both established companies and startups alike. Skills acquired in the BBA program make the graduate an ideal candidate for multiple positions in the industry. Candidates with the right mindset and hardworking attitude can ascend very fast through the ranks of the company.

The versatility of the Course is just what one needs

It is a known fact that the needs of industries differ from each other. BBA offers different specializations with tailored course work keeping in mind the needs of the specific industries. If the student desires to enter a particular sector, these specializations assist them in developing specific skills required to enter that particular industry.

A Solid Foundation to MBA to become a manager

A candidate can successfully land a job with a BBA degree. However, if the candidate desires to pursue MBA, BBA provides a solid foundation. Knowledge and skills acquired with the BBA degree make the student familiar with the structure of the MBA course. This is a very significant advantage compared to others who pursue MBA after completing non-management degrees. Due to the exposure at the undergraduate level, the student can easily decide on which specialization to choose in MBA and they have an upper hand on the other candidates especially at the time of placements because they themselves are from the business graduate course knowing more about the job profile and its requirements better than any other technical or other degree holders who are competing with them for the same post in the company.

And your search for the best BBA colleges in Dehradun should end at Shivalik college. Department of management in Shivalik Institute of Professional Studies offers an excellent BBA program with a curriculum designed keeping in mind the needs of the industry. Our course is designed to build the necessary intellectual and vocational skills required for the competitive global market. In addition to the intensive classroom coaching by expert faculty the curriculum includes fieldwork, case studies and industry integrated programs, making Shivalik college one of the best BBA colleges in Dehradun.