Discover why Shivalik College is renowned as the best B.Sc Agriculture College in Dehradun, offering a comprehensive program in agricultural sciences.

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Explore the World of Agriculture at Shivalik College

Dive into Agricultural Excellence

Immerse yourself in our B.Sc Agriculture program, designed to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training in crop science, animal production, and agricultural science.

Hands-On Experience for Real-World Impac

Experience the thrill of on-the-floor training tasks, industry exposure, and field trips, ensuring a well-rounded education that prepares you for diverse career opportun- ities.

Unleash Your Potential in Agriculture

Discover the wide range of career paths open to B.Sc Agriculture graduates, including jobs in food processing, marketing, research, and starting your own business ventures.

Meet the Growing Demand for Agricultural Expertsy

Learn why B.Sc Agriculture graduates are highly sought after in both private and public sectors, contributing to the advancement of the agriculture industry.

Why Choose  Shivalik College

Discover the unique advantages of studying at Shivalik College, including a science-based curriculum, entrepreneurship focus, and cutting-edge agricultural practices.

Unlock Higher Education Opportunities

Explore advanced degree options, including M.Sc and MBA programs, to further specialize in areas like environmental agrobiology, agronomy, and agribusiness

Leading Roles in Agriculture

 Explore potential career paths, from agriculture research scientist and extension officer to farm manager and operations manager in fertilizer units.

Experience the Shivalik Difference

Benefit from our state-of-the-art labs, internships, faculty support for research, and diverse activity clubs fostering innovation and all-round development.

Start Your Journey with Shivalik College

Embark on a fulfilling career in agriculture with Shivalik College, where learning is fun, innovative, and geared towards shaping future agricultural leaders.

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