The objective of IPR Cell at SGOC is to create awareness and provide guidance to academic/nonacademic staff, and students on the practices and the rules of institute regarding intellectual property rights and obligations within the frame work of the IPR policy of the institute.

Name Designation Role
Dr. Kuldeep Panwar Dean Quality Assurance Convener
Mr. Khushal Juneja General Manager, IPR, Ennoble IP Consultancy External Member

The university uses a system’s thinking approach for research. The multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary focus on research makes this institute unique. Some of the unique areas identified by the institute and work ongoing include:

  • Experimental and Simulation Study of Thermal Behavior of Heat Pipes/ Micro channels in Solar Collector Applications Aptitude analysis
  • Experimental Analysis on Packed Bed Heat Reservoir Filled with Heat Absorbing Material for Space Heating in Hilly Areas.
  • Experimental analysis of physical-chemical, properties of nano composite particle and nano composite fluid
  • CFD and Experimental analysis of fluid flow and thermal behavior on concentric tube heat exchanger with hybrid nano fluids .
  • CFD and Experimental analysis of Packed Bed Regenerator with different operating parameters.

Some other initiatives include:

  1. Entrepreneurship courses.
  2. Visits to industries.
  3. Organization of Techn-fest (Shiva-Tech) to foster creativity and innovation along with    other creative art contests.
  4. Project work for all students.
  5. Annual exhibits of Models and Innovative ideas.

Sr. No. Title/Name of IP IP Registration Number of Patent Application Level
1 All Terrain Vehicle 202211057372 A National
2 A Processor And A Process For The Preparation Of Bio-Diesel 202211057374 A National
3 A Formula Vehicle 202211057375 A National
4 A Hybrid Vehicle 202211057376 A National
5 Light-Transmitting Concrete Manufacturing Process Based Plastic Optical Fiber 202211057377 A National
6 Smart Visually Impaired Device 202211057378 A National
7 Regenerative Braking System And Energy Generation 202211043398 A National
8 A Portable Handicapped Crutch 202211043399 A National
9 Paddle Powered Water Pump Apparatus 202211043400 A National
10 Automated Heavy Loads Uplifting Device 202211043401 A National
11 Fly Ash Brick Making Device 202211043402 A National
12 A Year Round Comfort System 202211043403 A National
13 Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Device 202211043404 A National
14 Design And Fabrication Of A Special Purpose Hydraulic Press Performing Punching Operation 202211043405 A National
15 Grass Cutting Device 202211035221 A National
16 Human-Exoskeleton 202211033605 A National
17 An Agricultural Device 202211035139 A National
18 A Food Processing Device 202211035140 A National
19 Automatic Sewage Cleaning Machine 202211035141 A National
20 Abrasive Jet Device 202211035142 A National
21 Electric Bicycle 202211035143 A National
22 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Refrigeration System 202211035220 A National
23 Remote Controlled Shutter System 202211035222 A National
24 Automated Load Lifting Device 202211035223 A National
25 Freedom Of Movement-Based Parallel Manipulator Device 202211035224 A National
 26 A System For Customized Video Producing Service Using Cloud-Based Voice Command And Method Thereof 202111048743 A National
 27 An Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Hand Sanitization System For Elderly 202111051874 A National
28 Bio fuel composition and method for preparation thereof 202121012478 National
29 Hybrid electricity generation system 202111009105 National
30 A micro-channel heat exchanger test rig 202011042200 National
31 Hybrid Nano Fluid having diverse Nano Material like Al2O3, CuO and ZnO in different Composition 2020211041116 National
32 A Clock Wise and Counter Clock Wise Flow Type Concentric Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger 2021107076 International
33 A Method For Preparing Different Hybrid Nano Fluids For Uplifting The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Water And Normal Nano Fluids 2021104538 International
34 A Regenerative Heating Device  National
35 Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger for Improving the Thermo-Hydraulic Behavior of Fluid Flow 2021104538 International